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Accepted Artwork File Formats:


We support:

  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Acrobat Pdf

Please ensure:

  • All fonts are converted to curves (named or supplied)
  • Images are embedded
  • Pantone Colours are advised (if used)
  • CMYK breakdowns are included

Logo rebuilds:

If you do not have your logo/artwork in one of the above formats, then we are happy to assist in either reformatting or rebuilding your logo to this file type. Depending on the complexity of the logo, a small fee may be charged. Ask one of our consultants for advice in this area.

Note: Word documents, Publisher, Powerpoint or any other Office based program is not sufficient for finished artwork. Artwork in these formats require a design conversion.

Sending Artwork

Please send artwork via email to [email protected]
Dropbox is an accepted file delivery service

Artwork Proofs

An artwork proof will be provided by email.

Some Useful Tips

You want your brand or message to really stand out, so here are a few simple tips that will assist you in making the best choices:

Good Quality Artwork

As mentioned above, ensuring your artwork is of a high quality will ensure good quality reproduction and a successful job. If you are unsure our consultants will be happy to view what you have and provide advice. If required we can assist with re-illustrating your logo or artwork into a preferred format.

Choosing Colours

Colour choice is really important. If you want your logo or message to “pop” and stand out we do not recommend printing a dark colour onto a dark background. You also want to ensure that there is good contrast between the colours you choose, colours that are similar in shade or tones easily merge with one another and the effect can be lost.

With screen printing and embroidery of clothing and other promotional product it is very important that you take care in choosing the colours of your logo, the colours of the clothing or promotional product, and where the logo or message will go. It is easy to loose an important part of your logo or message if it is the same, or a similar colour, to the background.

Embroidery is charged on “stitch count”, which means the number of stitches in the logo. Therefore, the more complex the logo, or the larger the size the larger the stitch count and cost. Generally the average size stitch count for a logo on the chest of a shirt or front of a cap is around 5,000 stitches. With embroidery there is generally one set up fee of $85.00+gst (per logo) regardless of the number of colours.   

Screen Printing cost will depend on the number of colours chosen for the design, therefore screen printing is costed on a “per colour” basis. The more colours in the logo or artwork the higher the cost as each colour has to be applied as a seperate process. With screen printing the process of printing a light colour on a dark background (for example white screenprinting on a black shirt) may mean that in order to get the best result, the white may have to be screened twice. Therefore, even though it is only a one colour print (white) it has had to go through a two colour process and therefore charged as a two colour print. With screen printing there is generally a set up fee of $85.00+gst per colour, per position.

Lazer Engraving is a process where the logo or artwork is actually engraved into the product, this is a particularly popular and effective method for metalic promotional products such as metal pens, mugs, executive desk items etc. The engraved area contrasts from the background creating an effective and stylish finish. There is generally a flat set up fee of $85.00+ gst for laser engraving.

Pad Printing is a very common process for the printing of many promotional products. It is a method where ink is applied via a print pad to the product. It is a very clean, effective and durable technique. Pad printing is charged on a per colour basis, set up is also charged at $85.00+gst per colour per position.

4-color Process Printing

All color images can be separated into 4 different base colours referred to as CMYK (Cyan,Yellow, Magenta and Black). These four colors can be combined to create thousands of colors covering all combinations shown on PMS charts.

Sublimation Printing is a dye process where the image is permanently embedded into the the promotional product’s surface. This process is commonly used for products such as mouse matts, stubbie holders, promotional mugs, promotional pens and some clothing.