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Over 9,000 Promotional items to choose from!

We have over 100 categories of branded products to choose from. Simply click any image below to be taken to our Online Quoting system, where you can view all our products and pricing. The prices, quantities and print options are clearly shown, all you have to do is click the quantity you are after and hit the ‘ADD TO ART‘ button to add this to your quote. Remember, this is site is not an Online store. It is simply a catalogue of products for you to gather the information you need for quoting before you purchase. You can VIEW QUOTE , at the top of the page. You will be asked to provide your details so we can email the quote to you.

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Our Customer service team will also receive a copy of your quote request and will contact you to see if there is any further information you may need or if you wish to proceed with your order. We hope you enjoy our products and look forward to making your event or promotion a huge success. 

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Corporate SuitingCorporate Suiting

Corporate Suiting

Business Shirts, Jackets, Pants, Dresses, Knitwear


Casual Apparel

Hoodies, Polos, Tees, Jackets, Polos, Scarves

Hospitality ApparelHospitality Apparel

Hospitality Apparel

Aprons, Chefs Jackets, Uniforms etc...

HiVis WorkwearHiVis Workwear

HiVis Workwear

Vests, Singlets, Shirts, Polos, Jackets, Pants, Hats, Boots



Caps, visors, beanies, straw thats, bucket hats and hundreds more....



Plastic, Metal pens, Rulers, Pen sets, Highlighters, Pen Holders

Drink BottlesDrink Bottles


Travel Mugs, Drink Bottles, Flasks, Corkscrews, Bar Accessories

Tote BagsTote Bags

Tote Bags

Juco, Shoulder Bags, Laminated, Indent, Conference totes and more



Fully branded, latest designs, compact or classic styles

Back PacksBack Packs

Bags Backpacks

Back sacks, Drawstring, Sling bags, Backpacks, Satchels

Picnic SetsPicnic Sets

Picnic Sets

Picnic rugs, Coolers Baskets, Wine bags, 4 Person Picnic sets



Jelly beans, chocolates, candy, Fruit and Nut snacks, printed mints...

Fund RaisingFund Raising

Fund Raising Gifts

A4, A5, iPad Holders, Leather, Vinyl, Zippered, Conference

Home & LifestyleHome & Lifestyle

Home & Lifestyle

BBQ Sets, Aprons, Coasters, Cheeseboards, Chairs, Picnic Sets

Outdoor & GolfOutdoor & Golf

Outdoor & Golf

Beach Items, Chairs, Golf Balls, Fitness Accessories

Sports BallsSports Balls

Branded Sports balls

Rugby Mini, Soccer Mini etc

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Branded Products

Branded products are effective tools for increasing awareness during marketing campaigns. The merchandise will keep your business and products in the minds of current customers. In addition, you can draw in more potential clients by using interesting promotional items. Branded products are ideal for use during trade shows, conferences and other corporate events. They also play an integral role in the regular sales and marketing meetings.

Unlike plain marketing materials with plain information, branded products present an opportunity for you to show brand personality. You can also engage people in a practical and simple way which resonates. The products can also be useful in reinforcing the marketing message after providing the core details of products and services. You can achieve ideal success with our wide range of customised promotional items along with a good marketing strategy.

Choose Promotional Merchandise from Our Extensive Collection

An ideal branded merchandise strategy for promotional campaigns begins with choosing the right branded products to complement your marketing objectives. The selection criteria should include type of business, the season and occasion, budget, specific recipients and customisation options. Check out each of category of promotional products in our advanced quoting system.


Compendiums are perfect for promoting your brand in a professional, office setting. These folders are valuable to every individual who handles documents, handheld devices and writing instruments. These branded products are available in a wide range of fabrication materials such as classic leather, sustainable cork, inexpensive PVC and beautiful microfiber. You can also select from multiple sizes, including A3, A4 and A5. When choosing promotional compendiums, you should consider purchasing neutral colours which are suitable for the business environment.


Backpacks are functional and versatile in their daily uses. For instance, these carriers are suitable for hiking or beach trips, going to the gym and hauling professional materials. In addition, they are prominent which means that a printed logo will be visible. Therefore, they are perfect for promoting your brand in diverse places. You can choose from the wide selection of drawstring backpacks, carrier sacks, jersey bags and climber backpacks for your campaign.


Confectionary can sweeten your business relationships and increase your deals and revenue. You should consider using candies for your marketing events. Also, consider sending premium sweets to clients as corporate gifts during major holidays and seasons. You can select the most ideal form of confection to match your business image and the recipients’ preferences. The collection includes printed mints, printed lollies and printed chocolate. You can also choose non-sugary confectionery such as fruit and nut packets or savoury snacks.

Picnic Sets

Picnic sets are adventurous and unique as branded products. They will lend an air of elegance to your brand while showing off the casual and fun side of your business. There are multiple options to consider with regard to picnic sets, and the choice will depend on the desired image. For instance, you can select a willow picnic basket for a recipient who prefers classic and traditional items. On the other hand, simple wine bags or bottle coolers will suffice for contemporary audiences.


Umbrellas are classic promotional items and their popularity will remain in the foreseeable future. These branded products are functional and provide great visibility for a brand. In addition, they are inexpensive and available in a wide range of designs. When setting up an umbrella for branding, you should choose printing options that will elevate your brand. For instance, you should take advantage of your corporate theme colours to enhance identity, in addition to the logo or marketing message.

HiVis Workwear

If you would like to step out of the common promotional items box, you should consider using branded high visibility work wear and personal protective equipment for your marketing campaign. These branded products will not only ensure the visibility of your brand in unusual and busy environments. They will also increase safety in the community, allowing your business to have a positive impact. The range of HiVis work wear includes safety vests, polo shirts, pants, jackets and fleecy tops.


Promotional headwear increases brand visibility, especially when the sun is shining relentlessly. Take advantage of the hot Aussie weather to popularise your company’s goods or services. There are numerous options that you can select for your branded headwear campaign. These include bucket hats, straw hats, trucker hats, visors and caps. When personalising your headwear, you should be cautious overly exaggerated prints. A simple logo with a catchy slogan is often effective. During cold weather, switch your branded promotional headgear to beanies and scarfs.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are multi-purpose carriers which are practical for use in corporate conferences, general events and in shopping centres. Therefore, there are numerous opportunities to market your brand and increase it’s visibility. Also, you should note that these are reusable and durable. Therefore, they contribute to a greener environment by reducing waste. When choosing a promotional tote bag, you should pay attention to the colours. Selecting the shades and hues which complement your business will elevate your brand.


There are multiple forms of drinkware products which are suited for promotional purposes. Whether you are looking for a good corporate gift or a marketing accessory for a trade show, you will find a good match in this category. Travel mugs are popular among professionals, so they are suitable for marketing in the corporate environment. Flasks and drink bottles are also great for promoting your brand among people of all ages. During a marketing event, it is prudent to have some branded promotional bottled water. These are guaranteed to come in handy. Additionally, you can prepare gifts such as mugs, glasses, shakers and mixers, corkscrews and bar accessories for special occasions.


Regardless of your commercial industry, apparel is suitable for marketing your brand. You can also cause an impact, whether you are marketing to individual customers or to corporate clients. General apparel which is suitable for promotions include business shirts, skirts, corporate pants, jackets, polo shirts and hoodies. You can also target specific industries using specialty branded apparel such as chef war, high visibility work shirts, scrubs and lab coats. In addition, you can acquire boots and shoes as well as branded footwear accessories such as reflective boot covers and shoe laces.

Writing Instruments

Promotional Pens (or other Writing instruments) are relatively inexpensive as promotional materials. Therefore, they are perfect for use in large scale marketing campaigns. These branded products can increase brand visibility in commercial environment since they are intended for daily use. If you would like branded pens and pencils, you can choose metal or plastic pens, pen sets and pencils. You can also acquire related accessories such as pencil cases, pen holders, rulers and pen USBs.

Establishing a Branded Product Strategy

With our wide variety of customisable goods, you can increase the liability of your brand. However, you must establish an ideal marketing strategy to achieve optimal results from branded products. Therefore, consider using these simple guidelines on getting the most out of your personalised products. Our team can help you develop this strategy, just give us a call!

Identify the Right Branded Products

You should choose the most suitable items for your brand, company and the potential recipients. In general, it is important to obtain branded products with high functionality for maximum brand visibility. Also, they must have a high perceived value to elevate the recipients’ impression of your company. You should also check out your market and find out the items that they find trendy. This information can help you get ahead of competitors.

Use the Best Customisation Design

When personalising the promotional products, you should evaluate your design and find the best match for your needs. While bigger logos and larger letters are more prominent, they might make the recipient unwilling to use the branded product. Therefore, ensure that the selected custom design for the item is classy and elegant but visible. For example, a microfiber compendium is more attractive when labelled with a metal badge.

Choose Quality Branded Products

If you have been going through the marketing motions in your sales calls and promotions, you should think about reviving your brand with quality branded promotional products. Our customised promotional products are designed to ensure optimal usefulness and functionality for the recipients. Moreover, they are durable and beautiful, ensuring that your brand will enjoy better long-term visibility. 

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