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Here are our top 9 tips to a successful trade show PLUS best value Events Merchandise products for 2019 as chosen by you our customer.

So your company has spent time, money and effort organising your booth at a trade show. But how do you get the edge on your competitors and guarantee your prospects leave the show with your brand merchandise in hand. 

No# 1. Attracting prospects to your booth

Buyers are attracted to trade shows to see whats new, wanting to learn and hopefully get a great deal. Of course booking your booth in a Prime location is ideal. However, should you find your stand being bumped further back than you would like, there are ways to grab the attention of your prospects. Here are just a few ideas that will give you an advantage: 

Trade Show CompetitionsNo# 2. Contests and Promotions

Competitions are a great draw card for buyers attracted to your stand. Everyone likes to be a winner. It’s also a great way to collect those valuable contact details for remarketing campaigns and follow ups after the show. Make it easy for them to enter and offer a consolation prize just for entering. Could be as simple as a discount on your product or service.

Stress ToysNo# 3. Giveaways & Promotional Products

Promotional Products and branded giveaways are expected at trade shows. Don’t worry, buyers will turn up with their sample bags ready to fill with all the goodies they collect at the stands.  Branded gifts are treasured momentos long after the show has been and gone. Choosing appropriate giveaways for your business is critical.  Some of the most popular promotional product ideas, you will find on this page. But Pens, Tote Bags, Interesting Technological Gadgets, Useful Novelty Stress Toys, Desktop related items such as notepads, Cups, Mugs and drink bottles are sure fire winners everytime. 

Bottled Water Custom LabelNo# 4. Promotional Bottled Water

Trade shows are thirsty business. In the maze of stall holders buyers can often forget to hydrate as they peruse the sellers wares. Offer them a cool refreshment as they walk buy, its a great ice breaker and gives you the opportunity to speak with your prospects about your product or service. Consider branding your water bottles with your company label. It’s cheaper than you think to customise bottled water.  

Trade Show DiscountNo# 5. Show Stopping Specials

Let’s face it. Buyers are there to grab a bargain. They know its a feeding frenzy and plan to snap up a deal in the process. Make it very apparent and clear what your offer or discount is, signage on either side of your stand should work nicely. To close those deals on the day, make sure your buyers know that the special offer is only valid on the day of the show.  

Trade Show Social MediaNo# 6. Social Media Before and After the Show

If you don’t already have your company facebook and Instagram accounts setup then your missing out on a powerful opportunity to connect with your buyers. Start to promote the trade show weeks in advance through your social media channels. Invite them to your booth, if possible post a floor plan of the tradeshow clearly showing what number your booth is and where to find you. Have fun with your social media. Give a prize to the first 10 people who visit your stand and give you the ‘code word’ posted on the facebook page to claim a prize. 

TV MonitorsNo# 7. TV Monitors Showing your Expertise

There will be thousands of people attending the show. More than likely at most you will have two hosts manning your booth. Just because you are engaged with one or two customers, doesnt mean those others who are interested in your product or service are left cold. Video’s are a powerful and persuasive way to get your message out there. Buyers don’t mind spending a few moments quietly watching an instructional video. It gives them a break from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. This will sort out the buyers from the tire kickers and give you the chance to qualify your prospects as they wait for your to attend to them.

Branded Lollies and Jelly BeansNo# 8. Snacks & Lollies Open Doors

Just as important as hydration, buyers do work up quite an appetite as they burn off the calories throughout the day. Once again, offer them a little snack like a small pack of biscuits, chocolates or jelly beans. Ordering small give away packs is easy to do, just get in touch with your local promotional products supplier. They will give you advice on branding options and a selection of sweets, lollies and biscuits to choose from.

Company BrochuresNo# 9. Company Brochures

You just have to have them on the day. Corporate brochures, business cards, flyers, Coupons, print is not dead and still one of the cheapest ways to get your message out. If your promoting specials on your flyer, remember to put a ‘Offer Valid till’ date to entice your prospects to take action now. Make sure you have a few thousand flyers printed and ready to go. The plan is to get your promotional flyers into the hands of as many prospective customers as possible. Your buyers will keep your brochures for weeks, long after the show has been and gone.  

Need Help finding the Perfect Promotional Gifts or Apparel for an Upcoming Event?

Need Help finding the Perfect Promotional Gifts or Apparel for an Upcoming Event?

Request a call back from one of our Promotional Products Event Planning specialists – get insider tips and planning advice on:

 How to budget gifts for your event for best results
 Understanding your audience, making an impression
 What’s hot – best sellers in Australia right now!
 What to look for when ordering apparel
 Indent VS offshore orders, which is best?
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