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Personalised Wine Bottle GiftsWhile messages of gratitude are valued by your associates, substantial personalised gifts will leave a more lasting impression on the recipients. Also, the clients will feel honoured by the gesture and indebted to your business. Therefore, you will be able to build a lasting relationship of mutual benefits. You can also present these gifts internally to the general staff, managers, executives and shareholders to provide motivation within the operations. The corporate gift culture is deeply embedded in the Australian commercial market. When used appropriately by your sales and marketing team, it can help you secure your company’s future and increase the total revenue generated per annum.

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Whether you are looking to impress new clients, draw in major customers or honour your loyal partners, you will find an appropriate personalised corporate gift for your needs. Discover our most popular promotional products through the below images, or visit our store for the full range of customisable gifts.

We have over 10,000+ Products to choose from – pick a category and go shopping!

Promotional Products HEADWEAR


Beanies, Bucket Hats, Caps, Scarves, Straw Hats, Trucker Hats, Visors


Promotional Products DRINKWARE


Travel Mugs, Drink Bottles, Flasks, Corkscrews, Bar Accessories


Promotional Products TOTE BAGS

Tote Bags

Juco, Shoulder Bags, Laminated, Indent, Conference totes and more





Promotional Products PENS

Branded Pens

Plastic and metal pens, budget pens, pencils, rulers, pen sets and more…


Promotional Products Novelty Items

Novelty Items

Novelty items, Anti Stress Balls, Games and Puzzles, Inflatables, Money Boxes


Promotional Mugs


Mugs, Cups, Glasses, Travel Mugs


Promotional Products Keyrings


Metal, PVC, Novely Shapes, Bottle openers, LED lights and more



Need Help finding the Perfect Promotional Gifts or Apparel for an Upcoming Event?

Need Help finding the Perfect Promotional Gifts or Apparel for an Upcoming Event?

Request a call back from one of our Promotional Products Event Planning specialists – get insider tips and planning advice on:

 How to budget gifts for your event for best results
 Understanding your audience, making an impression
 What’s hot – best sellers in Australia right now!
 What to look for when ordering apparel
 Indent VS offshore orders, which is best?
 Let us ‘search and submit’ the ideas to you, it couldn’t be easier


Understanding the Potential of Corporate Gifts

There are numerous potential benefits of corporate gifts for your commercial operation. Personalised items of appreciation can help you build your brand image and popularity. When your custom brand name is seen on the gift, your visibility will increase and you will attract new customers. Corporate gifts present a good opportunity for you to retain customers and keep stakeholders happy. They can also serve as incentive for talented employees to remain in your company and improve general morale. Most importantly, you can promote brand recognition. This is crucial if you are starting up or have numerous competitors. The customised gifts can help you stand out, instead of getting lost among all the other brands.

Corporate Gifts Golf GiftsChoosing a Promotional Corporate Gift

With the wide range of corporate gifts in the market, choosing the right item can be difficult. You should note that your decision is important because all promotional products do not carry the same weight. In general, you should evaluate your recipients’ preferences, attitudes and positions before making your purchase. This is crucial if you are choosing a gift for an important customer or executive. Here are the most significant factors to consider before purchasing a corporate gift.


An ideal promotional corporate gift should be functional or useful for the recipients. If an individual cannot find a purpose for your gift, they will store it away and your brand will remain invisible to them. On the other hand, if it is something that the recipient can use on a daily basis, they will think about your company often. In addition, people around the recipient will be impacted. Therefore, evaluate the benefits of any item before purchase. For instance, if you are gifting a professional who works in an office, a branded compendium, tablet case, USB or paperweight would be useful.


When choosing a corporate gift or promotional item, you should remember that your competitors are doing the same. Therefore, you should be cautious so that your brand and identity will not be lost among similar goods. In simple terms, choose a gift with some level of uniqueness so that it will leave an impression. You do not have to create something expensive or out-of-the-box. Instead, identify the common promotional products given and find an appropriate twist. For example, you can present gifts such as tools, barbeque sets and exotic wine glasses.

Corporate Gift GivingCustomisation Options

You should think about how well you can have a corporate gift customised before making your choice. All promotional items can be personalised to increase your brand identity. However, the exact level can vary depending on the size of the item and its nature. For example, if you want a gift where you can include messages, a small item like a flash drive or watch might be inappropriate. However, a larger item like a customised wine bottle will allow you to include a message on the gift.

Cost and Value

The cost and value of corporate gifts are important factors during promotional item selection. In general, you should reserve inexpensive giveaways such as pens, PVC document holders and safety vests for large-scale campaigns such as trade shows. If you want to give an impactful corporate gift, select a more expensive alternative. After all, these gifts are meant to impress, not only get your brand noticed. Also, think about the value. As a rule of thumb, you should get one or two high value gifts for your esteemed recipients, instead of multiple cheap ones.

Season or Occasion

Special seasons, holidays and occasions call for corporate gift to strengthen commercial relationships. You should take advantage of these events to give a promotional item because people tend to remember the occurrences of significant dates. However, before you present a gift, you should evaluate the situation and choose the most appropriate gift to match the occasion. A promotional gift can be inappropriate for an event because it is too personal, too cheap or just plain unsuitable for the occasion. Therefore, remain sensitive to the occasion and season.

Personalised Gifts

Cultural Considerations

You should think about potential cultural differences when presenting a gift. This is particularly important when dealing with a client from another country or region. While some things might be appropriate in your company’s view, the recipient might feel offended, regardless of your good intentions. Therefore, you should not only rely on the purity of your will. Perform research about gifting customs and culture before proceeding for the best results.

Policies on Corporate Gifts

There might be restrictions on corporate gifts imposed by some companies and organisations. This is not a concern for most general commercial sectors because this is a crucial part of marketing. However, if you are dealing with a new client or business partner, you should make some inquiries as a precaution. This will help you select a gift that can be received in good conscience and displayed with pride for the visibility of your brand.

Choose Premium Corporate Gifts

Premium promotional items will elevate your brand and improve your reputation in the market. Therefore, ditch your old and worn-out marketing products and invest in exceptional corporate goods which are designed to stand out and provide long-term promotion.



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