Promotional Pens

Promotional Pens

Branded Promotional pens are perfect for your business, from as little as 0.29c branded – order yours today!

Promotional pens are still the most popular choice by many businessess as an inexpensive promotional tool. Why? They are the perfect giveaway at sales meetings and appointments as well as bigger marketing campaign events and conferences. We have hundreds of Metal pens, Plastic pens, Bic Pens, Pen holders, Rulers and all at great prices. The mighty pen is still having a big impact – order yours today call 1300 728 414! We have hundreds of ideal pens that you can select for your promotional purposes. You can check out the full range by clicking the images below.

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Pen Holders

Pen Holders

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Metal Pens

Metal Pens

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Plastic Pens

Plastic Pens

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Pencil Cases

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Pen Sets

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Advantages of Pens as Promotional Material

There are various types of promotional pens to choose from, it will depend on your needs. Branded Pens are universally used in business, and a are a relatively inexpensive promotional item. They usually have a life of around one to two years. We can pretty much guarantee that you will have some companies promotional pen close by, either in your car, on your desk, at home or in your handbag. If you are considering a promotional product item for your business that is low cost with great shelf life, then promotional pens are a great entry level item to get you moving.

Choosing the Best Promotional Pens

With the wide range of pens available in the store, you might find it difficult to identify the best match for your needs. Remember, selecting the most suitable pen will leave a good impression on the customers and other users. Here are some of the different types of pen that you can choose for your needs.

 Promotional Pens Metal and Plastic


Metal and Plastic Pens

Metal pens are designed and fabricated using strong materials such as ABS. Their structure is resilient and can withstand adverse conditions without damage. These are favourable for promotion because they have a beautiful metallic finish. Moreover, you can choose matte or gloss finishing. Plastic pens are variants which are simple but beautiful. You will find diverse colours to match your company’s theme colours and designs. In addition, these are highly inexpensive, a desirable property for bulk purchases.

Ballpoint Pen

The most popular type of pen in terms of construction is the ballpoint pen. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for a wide range of potential users. This product was designed to serve as an alternative to the fountain pen which is messy for inexperienced users. Ballpoints are suitable for everyday use in business.They are quite long-lasting, especially with most people relying primarily on electronic communication. You can choose fine or medium tips, depending on your preference.

Rollerball Pens

Rollerball promotional pens are similar to the ballpoint alternatives in terms of construction. However, rollerball pens use water-based ink while the alternative uses oil based ink. This liquid ink flows faster and smoother in comparison to the ball point. Also, the tips available for this type of product are finer. Roller ball pens can, therefore, be used to handle finer work.It is a little harder to handle when writing. Consider this choice if you want a fancier than ballpoint pen for your promotions.

Gel Ink Pens

Gel ink pens create vibrant colours when writing because of the nature of the ink. Like other gels, the ink used in this pen consists of a special pigment suspended in water. There are multiple colours of ink, but they all appear thick and opaque. You should note that this option provides great writing quality with sharper lines. 

Promotional Pens Gift Boxed

Gift Boxed Pens

Gift boxed pen sets are still as popular as ever. Personalised the box, personalise the pen with you logo or message. Ask about brand name pens, ball point pens, gift box options and packaging. If you mean to impress then nothing beats a personalised gift box pen set. Speak to our Customer service team about which pen is best for you.

Stylus Pens

If you want promotional pens which are out of the usual marketing box, you should think about getting a stylus pen. This product is versatile and will leave an impression on the recipients. As implied, this is a writing instrument which doubles as a soft touch stylus. In the modern setting where most operations have moved to digital devices, this can keep your promotional material relevant.

Laser Pens

You can also choose to purchase a laser pen for your promotional purposes. This product is essentially a writing instrument with laser pointing functionalities. The laser function is highly relevant for commercial clients because they can use it for presentations. This ensures that your marketing material remains relevant, even in a paperless office.

Pen USBs

Like the stylus and laser pen, the pen USB is also a good choice for a great impression on potential and current customers. This product is essentially a memory stick designed in the shape of a pen. It is a unique product which will be used heavily by individuals and in companies. Choosing this type of promotional product can put you ahead of your competitors.

Promotional pens can be available as a single design type as outlined above. However, you might find some interesting combinations which will elevate your results. For example, a laser pen can include the ballpoint writing function and the laser as well as an LED torch and stylus.

Choose Durable Promotional Pens

The impact of your brand marketing campaign will depend on your ability to help people to remember your company at all times. Therefore, you should ditch poor quality pens with unreliable prints and choose our custom engraved pens which will provide prolonged service. This is the right investment for conscious businesses with the desire to establish a trustworthy brand. 


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