Corporate Branded Gifts

Are Your Branded Corporate Gifts Memorable?

Your valued clients deserve premium quality gifts.

Promotional products are a great way to keep a brand on people’s mind, but it pays to be strategic. Choose carefully your branded corporate gifts for maximum impact. 

Increase Your Customers Loyalty with Quality Gifts

When selecting branded corporate gifts it pays to think about the situation in which they will be given.  Who are you giving the gift to. Promotional products as corporate gifts can be used to create brand awareness and recognition in a number of circumstances.  For B2B relationships, consider corporate contests, trade show giveaways and customer loyalty programs. Your employees should not be forgotten when it comes to gifting. The situation will dictate what type of corporate gift is appropriate.

Branded Corporate Gifts

Strengthen B2B Relationships with Quality Gifts

Networking and more importantly developing positive relationships between businesses is important. Branded corporate gifts are an appropriate and easy way to build relationships. At trade shows or B2B contests and giveaways, using promotional products help other businesses remember what companies do. Match the appropriate corporate gift to the occasion or the venue for maximum effect.

Consider Quality ‘Affordable’ Giveaways

For contests or trade show, items like stationary, office supplies, and reusable bags are ideal. Tote Bags are convenient and affordable giveaways. Great should they need to carry numerous items. Trade shows represent a chance to pick unique, usable items. With people collecting corporate branded merchandise, having a unique item that individuals still find usable is great for marketing. Brand awareness is the key, ensuring your company will be remembered.

Branded Corporate GiftsItems such as:

  • Umbrellas
  • Cards and games
  • Mini first aid kits
  • Power banks
  • Affordable Branded Caps
  • Candy or other snacks

Consider a variety of gift options when gifting business to business. They can decide amongst themselves who gets what. Hampers are a good example of providing variations on collective gifts.

Branded Corporate Gifts

Executive Gifts that Leave an Impression

Premium gifts are appropriate for executives, high profile colleagues or business owners. High quality stationary, watches, money clips or other valued items should be given in these situations. Special attention should be paid that the gift matches the job title of the person gifted.

Gifting Your Staff – they appreciate the sentiment

Branded corporate gifts given internally take on a more personal significance. Reinforce your company culture with promotional gifts that show your values. The gifts will again depend on the situation. Keep in mind the job title of the individual to determine appropriate and useful gifts. New hires could be given promotional bags filled with useful work items related to their position. Consider corporate branded apparel such as shirts or hats if they are not already used as uniforms.

Certainly don’t scrimp when it comes to rewarding employee loyalty for their service to your company. A premium gift is the only option to show your appreciation. Quality personalised branded corporate gifts would be acceptable in this situation.

Branded Corporate Gifts

Make Your Gifts Useful

Make your gifts thoughtful and useful to the recipient. This will increase the shelf life of the gift and be valued greatly. Reward employees and staff for exceptional work done, choose exclusive and thoughtful items, such as mugs, cameras, or personal items. Items for home use are also popular.

For executives, gifting should be of premium items as well as being useful. Branded corporate suiting has now become popular for employees. It unifies your employees and looks smart when representing the company at trade shows or important business meetings.  Desk and office supplies, as well as mobile and computer accessories are useful gifts for executives. Rewarding executives could include items such as:

  • Wallets
  • Purses
  • Golf accessories
  • Chairs

Spoil shareholders with branded corporate gifts, rewarding them for their investment as well as making good business decisions. In these situations, premium and thoughtful gifts are appropriate and welcome. Gifts will help shareholders feel appreciated and can include items such for private use as well as business use.

Popular Welcome Gifts include:

  • Personalised stationary
  • Corporate suiting
  • Home gadgets: grill sets etc
  • Glassware
  • Wine accessories

Branded Corporate Gifts Drinkware

Personalised Branded Corporate Gifts

Personalise your chosen branded corporate gifts to suit an individuals tastes and preferences. Travel accessories are ideal for the travelling sales person. Gift automotive accessories if a client has just purchased or is really interested in boats or cars. Working with a writer? Give them branded corporate personalised luxury pens.

Eco Friendly Gifts

Have people that believe in being green? Reward them with eco friendly items. Giving personalised corporate branded gifts fosters an even better relationship with staff and businesses. This shows that the company is paying attention to the lives of individuals and their values.

Taylor Your Gifts to the Individual

For added excitement, put a gift sample bag together. Throw in various items of value for their enjoyment. You wouldn’t give a branded cap to a CEO. Make them feel valued with brand name pen set. The status of a persons position should determine the quality of the gift. Reward employee loyalty or recognise their work performance to show appreciation. Create a win-win situation, increase your brand awareness, and impress the socks off the gifted.   


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