Branded Hats

Branded Hats – A Business Essential

Still the most sought after promotional item used by businessess everywhere

Employees as well as customers can use branded hats or caps as a marketing tool to get a company’s name out to potential customers.

Branded HatsBrand recognition is a powerful marketing strategy that has been around for years. Look anywhere and it is obvious that most companies want customers and potential customers to recognize and remember them.  Branded merchandise is a great way to supplement traditional marketing avenues.  Using branded hats and caps are an inexpensive option for businesses that actually work.

Marketing to Current and Future Customers

Branded hats and caps are an awesome way to get people to remember your company. Showcasing your company name or logo centre front of your cap gets people’s attention. They make a great momento and are worn for years.

Having employees wear branded hats as part of a work uniform especially those that interact with clients and customers is a great way to look professional and enforce your brand. With any marketing strategy, it is about getting potential/current clients to remember the company. Presenting them with recurring visuals of that during their interaction with the company reinforces the company’s brand and helps them associate it with a positive experience.

Branded Hats for Company Uniforms and Customer Gifts

Branded Hats

For the employees themselves, promotional branded hats and caps – if not part of their uniform – when given as gifts, incentives, and so on personalizes the company for the employee and makes them feel more connected. Large companies regularly use promotional branded items to give away to employees, typically that have shown loyalty or have demonstrated great work ethic and achievement. Some companies include these types of items as part of new hire package or after employees have reached some sort of milestone. Whichever path chosen, branded caps present a way to use your employees as a kind of billboard, promoting the company wherever they wear it.


Tradeshow Giveaways

Branded HatsIf participating in trade shows, or just networking with other small businesses, branded hats provide a wearable way to remember the company as opposed to brochures and business cards that could be potentially misplaced. Contests and other promotional activities are another opportunity to get the company name/logo in front of people and in their remembrance.

Employees are not the only people that can benefit a business by wearing branded hats or caps. Giving these items to customers and clients is another way to get the word out. People like getting things free. Rewarding loyal customers with branded hats shows appreciation for their loyalty while promoting the business. Your customers will brag to others how they were given a FREE CAP as part of a promotion. Word-of-mouth is a very powerful marketing tool. Providing these hats to new customers and clients also helps them remember the brand and interaction as stated above if employees are wearing company hats. Giving branded hats to potential customers can garner intrigue and make them more likely to check out what a business has to offer.

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Widespread Market Appeal

Look anywhere and most likely there are people around wearing branded hats or caps of some type. Whether it is at a game, shopping, hanging out, or even working, hats are a practical accessory. Use your branded hats or caps for sun protection, fashion, or explicit promotion. Everyone loves a cap, they appeal to all ages. If your business is handing our caps at a tradeshow booth, you are ten times more likely to get a lot of foot traffic stopping to find out how to get the hat. They are a great way to open discussiones with prospective customers. Branded hats and caps are worn for years and are not easily forgotten or thrown away.

Branded HatsWhen thinking of hats most would probably think of traditional caps – baseball caps. However, there are many different types of hats and caps such as visors, trucker hats, beanies and more. You should speak with one of our Brand specialist when choosing the right cap for your needs. Know your demographic when choosing your cap style. Does it offer sun protection, what branding options are available. 


Branded Hats are Big Bang for Minimal Bucks

Advertising and marketing can be an expensive part of owning a business and for small companies that cost can be overwhelming. Any good business owner knows, however, that it is a very important part of keeping and growing a company. Now is the time to order your branded hats and caps, you can purchase small quantities or large and will fit your budget. People walk away with something they can use and keep for a while. Brand recognition is increasingly important, especially for small businesses.

Order your Personalised Caps Online

Sometimes keeping costs minimized is very important and a balance is needed when considering between spending on promoting aHi Vis Caps business and other necessary company costs. An employees uniform will often include a branded hat or cap. When used as promotional or gift items for employees and customers, branded hats can increase retention of both. The cost and time associated with finding and hiring new employees as well as bringing in new customers would outweigh the nominal price of branded hats that promote loyalty in customers as well as employees. Target your customers with low cost personalised hats or caps, instead of spending a small fortune on commercials, ads, banners or billboards.

The Perfect low cost giveaway

Branded hats work well for employees and customers alike to increase loyalty and brand awareness. Don’t break the bank, use branded hats or caps as a low cost marketing tool in your business.  Increase customer retention with a personalised cap. Whether used as part of employee uniform, employee or customer promotions. An effective way to have your business easily remembered is by putting your name on your head.


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