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Give Quality Corporate Branded Gifts

Corporate branded gifts are not anything new; they are a marketing tool businesses cannot do without when growing clientele and building relationships.

Corporate branded gifts are seen worldwide as a successful way to reach out to clients and are a favourite method for marketers. This is such a lucrative way to grow client relations that research has been done to show its effectiveness. When trying to grow client relations, high quality corporate branded gifts are great marketing tool with lower costs and active reach.

People Like Free Gifts – So Shower Clients With Corporate Branded Love

There is no better way to get people interested in a brand than free stuff. Corporate branded gifts are even better of course, because they help clients associate said gift with a particular business.

Any person that has ever kept up – even a little with celebrity gossip or info, knows that they get a lot of free gifts! At parties (think after awards shows), events (like store openings) that are typically sponsored by a business even if a celebrity’s name is used.  They have rooms or areas with bags of goodies for celebrities to choose from. While every piece may not be branded, there are plenty that are and this promotion jumps out at celebrities. When clients take those bags full of gifts, they are more than likely going to check out the company and some even start actively promoting the brand as ambassadors. This may seem a little crazy when you think of their general net worth, but the businesses that give out these gifts understand marketing and the power these individuals have when they use or wear these items.


Give High Quality Corporate Gifts to Show Appreciation

Now not every company will be giving promotional merchandise to celebrities. When at trade shows or promotional give high quality corporate branded gifts to clients. Giving them a bag of goodies gives them more opportunities to use merchandise with the company name on it.

Personalise Your Promotion with Corporate Branded Gifts

Certain branded corporate merchandise does better in certain areas. In Sydney, writing instruments seem to have the highest appeal with over 50% of people favoring them.  Shirts, bags, and office accessories all rank right under that. Personalization can come in with knowing what clients prefer and giving them those types of branded items. This also ensures regular use and most people keep promotional items for years if they are able. Giving clients corporate branded gifts you know they can use is a highly favorable way to market.



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When to Send Quality Corporate Branded Gifts

Even with corporate branding, giving personalized gifts to clients can go a long way to grow client relations. A few ways to personalize corporate branded gifts are:

Give gifts with personalised messages: Give clients a bag with a personal message or their name (along with a company logo).  It keeps your business in their minds. It creates loyalty as they are seen as more than just another client but feel a more personal connection

Rewards for loyalty: presenting clients with promotional merchandise after they have reached a purchase threshold. It shows appreciation for their continued patronage of your business and makes them more likely to continue

Holiday gifts: Gift-giving times like Christmas or Boxing Day, businesses can give regular clients corporate branded gifts increasing brand recognition

Birthdays: Personalise as a way to thank clients, most people love getting birthday gifts

Whenever a business decides to give corporate branded gifts, personalising it makes it that much more effective. They will be far more likely to share positive experiences about your company. The higher clients equate the value of the merchandise, the better they feel about the company. People prefer high value items and equate that along with other factors with the quality of the business.

People Actually Use Promotional Merchandise

Just look at the stats when contemplating ordering corporate gifts for your clients. More than $18 billion was spent on promotional products in 2011. For an industry to be that large it has to be working.

Looking at more statistics, about 83% of consumers recall a business by a promotional product they received. That is significantly higher than the 7% from a television ad. Promotional products carry more weight with clients plain and simple.

New Clients Appreciate Quality Gifts

The options here depend on what a business wants to do for clients. Current clients benefit from corporate branded gifts because they already know what the company has to offer. Receiving promotional products enhances a positive relationship with a business and they are more likely to return. New clients appreciate quality gifts. With their  continued use, it solidifies the business in the person’s consciousness. Your customers are more likely to recall the company and seek them out for goods or services. Converting individuals to clients is also easier with promotional products. About 45% of people use corporate branded merchandise at least once a day. Approximately 73% use them at least once a week. That is a lot of exposure for a business, its about recall and conversion.

Corporate branded gifts are a great marketing tool that promotes client retention and recall. Clients prefer useful gifts and will use them on a regular basis.

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