Metal Water Bottles

Insulated Metal Water Bottles

Metal Water Bottles are the better alternative to plastic bottles

Made from food grade 18/18 double-insulated stainless steel. These metal water bottles have a sleek design. Keep your water cold for 24 hours and liquids warm for 12 hours. An impressive eco-friendly product that helps our planet ‘just a little bit’.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles with a funky Design

Metal Water BottlesNo need to burn your hand, thanks to the insulated double walled design. These metal water bottles are perfect for those hot summer training sessions on the beach too! Just fill it up with you favourite cool hydralyte drink – stays cold all day. 

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Metal Water Bottles

When you buy a Stainless Steel Water bottle, you know you’re doing your little bit for our planet. Metal bottles reduce our carbon footprint. 

What size are Metal Water Bottles?

These bottles are a water guzzlers dream. A sleek design that comes in two sizes. Easy to clean and it does not leak. Be the envy of all around you with this flashy little number.

750ml – 28.5cm high and 6.5cm in diameter
500ml – 25.5cm high and 6cm in diameter

Metal Water BottlesAim to be Plastic Free – Tips!

Minimising plastic waste should be everyones goal. Here are some tips to get your started.

  1. Shop local – Buy things in bulk and shop at your locals farmers markets. There is less packaging.
  2. Take your own bags – There are a variety of sturdy eco friendly bags great for shopping. Taking your own will reduce the need for the stores own plastic bags. 
  3. Cut out water bottles and soft drinks – Use a re-ususable bottle instead.
  4. Fresh is best – most bakers these days will provide your bread in paper bags opposed to plastic, if not, ask for it.
  5. Chewing gum – who new that chewing gum is in effect a type of plastic. Chew less or give it up all together.
  6. Plastic bin liners – Recycle where ever possible. It’s a little messier and will require a little more cleaning, but choosing not to line your bins does make a big difference to the environment.
  7. Ditch the Straw – there are alternative to plastic straws. Where possible go for bamboo or a reusable straw.
  8. Re-usable Coffee Cups – we take these cups for granted as a disposable commodity. Reuse your own cup, but make sure it has a leak free lid.

Get your Business in the Green

Kit out your entire office with eco-friendly metal water bottles and coffee cups. Imagine how many water bottles or disposable coffee cups you would save from the rubbish tip if you just had your entire office move to reusable drink bottles and coffee cups. Not only are they better for the environment.

For orders over 100qty, it’s best you call and speak with one of Promotional Product Specialists. They will assist you with available branding options, delivery expectations and discount rates for larger orders. 

10oz Travel Cups

Do it in style. Move away from those nasty disposable coffee cups. Australians throw away millions a year unnecessarily. With a stylish 10oz Travel Cup you’re part of the solution for a better world. No more ‘Ouch’ hot hands with this double walled stainless steel coffee travel mug with a silicone lid. Comes in a variety of colours.

KeepCup Sizes

We also stock Keepcups, Australia’s favourite reusable coffee cup

The alternative to Stainless steel is the super popular Keepcup. Comes in a variety of sizes. Call and speak with our friendly Customer Service to learn the options available to you.



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