Promotional Backpacks

Promotional backpacks a Billboard for your Business

To keep and convert clients, many businesses reward regular customers for their loyalty.

Gift new clients for trying you out, or entice potential clients with branded merchandise. Providing clients with high quality promotional backpacks is a powerful way to help your company as an effective marketing strategy when maintaining or growing that business.

Useful to Clients and Company

Promotional BackpacksHigh quality promotional backpacks can prove very useful to clients. Having a way to hold items while doing different tasks whether they are toting items to work or carrying workout gear helps them in an everyday way. Providing clients with a useful promotional item ensures that it will be used regularly and that the company’s brand will be on their mind more. High quality bags are the key because a business can have more surety that even with regular use; it will retain its integrity and not tear up. Making sure that the bag looks good as well will mean a client is more likely to wear it.

Branding your Promotional Backpack

Some companies may wonder whether to include the company brand on promotional backpacks for clients. This is ideal, but not a necessity. This provides an opportunity also to give clients something personalised – which works well when rewarding clients that are regulars, have high-dollar accounts, or have won some sort of contest. The company logo can be included in a small section if desired, but a personalised promotional backpack with the client’s name or some other identifier is a very personal way to thank them. They are also more likely to use it and even better – share information with others, which leads to advertisement for you and continued/increased loyalty from them.


Promotional BackpacksBackpacks are not an age specific accessory. From school aged children to adults of all ages, backpacks are worn by so many people and have wide appeal with many uses – all related to carrying things of course. With this in mind, no matter who a client is, they can find some way to use promotional backpacks. A branded promotional item that is useful across all spectrums means a company that is invested in promoting brand recognition through merchandise can spend less with promotional backpacks because they do not have to purchase different items for different customers. This is truly a one-size fits all item. This saves money in the end when a business is able to make bulk orders of one item that can be given to all clients.

Promotional Backpacks are Free Advertising

Backpacks by their namesake are typically worn on the back. Everywhere that clients wear these promotional backpacks, other people can see them and that equates to free advertising that moves. Advertising is an integral part of marketing and when a business can get others to do that for them, it is a win for the business. This advertisement can work in two ways.

In one way, people see the brand and because it is on the client’s back, they see it as they are leaving or walking past and therefore a person (potential client) does not have to stare them down face to face to see the business’ brand. In another way, especially with high quality promotional backpacks, it can cause a person to ask questions of the client who in turn gives them information about the business and are highly likely to relay a positive message about the company as well as give out vital information the individual can use.

A Walking Billboard for your Business

Promotional Backpacks

An on the ground advertisement can convert people to customers or at least promote your business in a real and personal way. While large advertisements such as billboards, online ads, or commercials are effective at bringing in customers, they have to be targeted to reach certain demographics based on searches, channels watched and so on. Promotional backpacks just need to be worn out and about. They reach people that live or interact locally in the same communities and neighbourhoods that the company serves. Again, this is a more personalised and passively targeted way to reach new clients.

If a client is another company, there is an even greater opportunity for the advertisement. Providing the client with multiple promotional backpacks that can be given to their employees provides even greater avenues of advertisement. It may even in turn convert some of the clients’ employees to clients of that business.

Backpacks / Beach Bags / Conference Bags / Cooler Bags / Eco Bags / Non-Woven Tote Bags / Tote Bags

Visibility is essential in marketing and promotional backpacks are a helpful tool in a marketing strategy. With a large area for printing, businesses can place whole company names, logos, even a little message or contact information that are very visible to people that see them.


Promotes Customer Loyalty

Promotional BackpacksGiving clients high quality promotional backpacks promotes brand loyalty. A high quality gift shows clients that they are important to a business and that their patronage is appreciated. This in turn gives the client more reason to think favorably of the business and more likely to continue the relationship. Returning clients and clients that speak highly of a company provide two-fold – they continue to do business with the company and are more likely to promote it to other people. Loyalty is a priority for businesses and simple things such as rewarding clients help keep that loyalty intact.

Without brand loyalty, a business can only go so far. Promotional backpacks given to clients can help create a positive brand experience boosting loyalty in the process.

There is certainly power in providing clients with high quality promotional backpacks. Businesses supply clients with useful free products they can wear every day, garner free advertisement whenever the item gets worn, and promote loyalty from clients that receive these backpacks. These are all useful and important opportunities that companies need to consider because they ultimately lead to word-of-mouth endorsement and can play a crucial role in helping a business grow. Businesses embrace marketing in many forms because of the power they hold and promotional backpacks are a marketing tool that can speak louder than words and reach further than a stationary ad.


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