Stress Balls

Why Every Office Should Have Stress Balls

Stress balls take the edge off your day with just a little squeeze

No matter how calm and relaxed you might look to the people around you, we all have some stress in our lives at different stages. Stress can have a negative impact on our day-to-day life, whether it’s from work, family, friends, or your relationship. Since it’s not the best idea to blow a gasket at your boss — and it’s definitely not fair to give your family an ear bashing — take it out on one of these toys instead. Don’t worry, Stress Balls can take the punishment!

What are Stress Balls?

Heart Shaped Stress ToysA stress ball is what the name suggests. A squishy ball or toy that fits in your hand. When squeezed it manipulates the fingers in a therapeutic manner and acts as a form of exercise. It’s more than a silly toy. The reflexology theory has proven that vital organs of the body are strengthened by the use of stress balls, enhancing blood circulation. By squeezing a stress ball, your focus remains on the ball, allowing you mind to forget other pressures.

The stress ball is a convenient way to quickly relieve stress. Positive lifestyle changes have been noticed with the regular use of a squishy ball. It also promotes a deeper sleep as it relaxes the body. 

Take the Stress out of the Workplace

Not all of us handle stress the same way. Early warning signs of stress can be fidgeting, erratic behaviour, withdrawal, fatigue, headaches and stomach upsets. This can be a result of excessively high workloads, job security, unrealistic deadlines or a lack of control over work activities.

Stress Toy FootballThere are some simple ways to reduce stress in the workplace. Taking breaks more regularly is a good start. A simple walk can often lower stress levels and give you time to clear your head. Spend time with those around you who see the lighter side of life and who make you laugh. Don’t forget to eat: the body needs the right amount of nourishment to compete at its best. Food is a joyful experience, so take the time to saviour the foods you love. Listen to music while you work. Stress balls have long been a fun distraction for those that fidget, a constant gentle squeeze for a few minutes a day can often assist letting out that negative tension. 

When Stress is Good for You

Good stress is when we feel excited. Physchologist’s call this ‘eustress’.  Eustress can be motivating and beneficial in helping you cope with a new situation or high energy experience. If we didn’t have some stress in our lives, we would feel unhappy. The type of stress we really have to worry about is chronic stress, this comes when we are repeatedly faced with long term stressful situations that feel inescapable.

Don’t Leave Stress Unchecked?

Stress Ball CarIf you are under stress for too long, it can have negative effects. Early signs are trouble sleeping, migraines, back pain and a weakening of the immune system. If you already have health problems, stress may make it worse. Take the time to check your stress levels. How do you feel day to day? If your stress is primarily work related then speak to your HR department to see what solutions they offer. Stress Balls may not be the solution to your problems, but they are surely a novel way to clear some of that excess energy. 

What are stressed toys filled with?

Mostly, Stress balls or toys are made from closed cell-polyurethane foam rubber. The shape of the toy is determined by the mold the rubber is injected into. 

Stress Balls and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Stress BallSwollen or irritated tendons are a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. Symptoms can include tingling in the hand or fingers which can extend from the wrist up the arm. It has been found that stretching exercises can ease the irritation, so as the soft squeeze and release of a stress ball that allows blood to flow through the forearms. Always speak to your doctor about what exercises are right for you.

Everyone Can Benefit From Stress Balls

Stress balls are inexpensive, can be branded with your company logo or message and a great promotional giveaway. With a huge variety of styles to choose from finding one that is perfect for you is a cinch. The perfect desk accessory to keep you company name under the nose of your valued clients. The Chinese have been using stress balls for hundreds if not thousands of years as they understand the therapeutic benefits they have to the user. To improve wrist strength, squeeze your stress ball for a count of three then release. Repeat this exercise 20 times. This can be done a number of times during the day. Don’t forget to do both your left hand as well as your right. Like anything the more you continue to do the exercise the greater the benefits.

We Stock Hundreds of Stress Ball Designs

Mediamix promotions have an extensive range of cool Stress balls, squishy squeeze balls, novelty shape stress toys and can even custom make stress balls to suit your event or promotion. Visit our Anti Stress Product page to see the options available or speak to our Customer Service who can assist finding the perfect one for your needs. 



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