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If you are planning on promoting your business through giveaways, you should consider using customised candy for your marketing campaigns. This type of promotional product is ideal for your regular sales and marketing work. In addition, you can utilise the products during your conferences, holidays, trade shows and other marketing events. Personalised candy will put a smile on your customers’ faces and get people talking about your brand. Also, the unique branding of the candy will be memorable and allow you to increase your visibility.

Our store has a wide range of promotional candy to suit varied preferences and marketing goals. Check out some of our popular confectionary products below or go to our store to view the full range of the promotional candy.

Chocolate Gold Bullion

Chocolate Gold Bullion

Printed Mints

Printed Mints

Noodle Box Mixed Lollies

Noodle Box Mixed Lollies

M&m Bags Chocolates

M&M Chocolates

Lollypops Printed With Sticker

Lolly Popps

Biscuits Printed Packaging Promotional

Printed Biscuits

Snakes in a Bag

Snakes in a Bag

Mixed Jelly Beans Printed

Jelly Beans

Customised Candy as Promotional Products

Customised candy is perfect for promotional purposes because it is recognised as an effective gift for appreciating people. Candy is used traditionally during special occasions to remind individuals that they are not forgotten. You can gain more visibility for your brand by adopting this gesture. This type of promotional product is easy to handle and share, so marketers and customers will not experience the burden of carrying the candies. In addition, candy is considerably inexpensive. You can purchase in bulk and share will all your important customers or distribute freely in your commercial events.

Choosing the Right Confectionery for Your Promotion

The variety of candy available for purchase and customisation for promotions is wide. The wide range of choices can be overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, you should evaluate your options and find the candy that matches your marketing needs and your customers’ preferences. In general, the confectionary that you can acquire for your corporate needs can be categorised into multiple groups. Consider this short outline of the different types of confectionary you can use for marketing.

Tin of Jelly Beans Personalised CandyFruit and Nut Snacks

Dried fruit and nut snacks are favourable for most promotional purposes. These products are universally liked by people of every age as well as different walks of life. This can be attributed to the fact that they are delicious and packed with essential nutrients. Therefore, whether your potential recipients love confections or not, they will find the promotional product great. In general, fruit and nut snacks come in packed goods in clear bags.

You can have a customised label with your logo, marketing message and company name installed. This marking will be visible and will popularise your brand. You can make the label more prominent and impactful by using your company theme colours. You should note that there are numerous options to choose with regard to the specific fruits and nuts. The selection includes salted beer nuts, flavoured protein balls, macadamia, apricot and almond snacks, pumpkin seeds and goji berries.

Printed Mints

Mints are popular, especially in the business environment. Therefore, they are perfect for simple and large-scale marketing without necessitating a lot of effort. For example, you can provide this type of candy in bowls in offices to serve as marketing elements for customers, general visitors and even employees. In addition, you should remember that mints are classic confections, and there are different types available to suit different preferences and tastes.

When shopping for your promotional candy, you can choose regular or sugar-free mints or both. This will cater to different tastes and preferences. You can choose mints which are individually wrapped or in packets. Individually wrapped candy is cheaper per unit and can be distributed to more people. On the other hand, packets will have more impact because they will last longer. There is no universal choice; consider your goals and budget, and find the most appropriate choice.


Jelly Beans in Mug Personalised CandyPrinted Lollies

If you want a simple promotional product with positive marketing impact, you should consider choosing hard candy or lollies. These are timeless in their design and taste, so you can expect a good response from recipients. Like mints, they are easy to distribute in different places, including offices, conferences and trade shows. They are particularly suitable for holidays such as Christmas. Also, you can choose pieces which are wrapped in individual packets or alternatives in packages.

When selecting your promotional confections, you should consider multiple factors. First, the shape and style can vary widely, so identify the most appropriate match. For example, you can choose lollipops, drops or chews with branded packages. Lollies are also available in multiple colours; take this opportunity to acquire promotional products in your corporate theme colours. If you are planning to use candy as special gifts, consider buying in special packages such as organza bags or jars.

M&M Dispenser Personalised CandyPrinted Chocolates

Personalised chocolates are fun and delicious. Moreover, they are perfect for celebrating special occasions and holidays, particularly with loyal customers. If you are looking for a good promotional product that does not disappear in the masses, choose printed chocolates. There are multiple designs that you can employ to make your brand more visible. For example, you can choose to distribute chocolate poker chips, gold bullions, chocolate drops or balls.

If you are planning on distributing these for a special occasion, it is advisable to choose something that goes with the season. For example, you can have egg-shaped confections for Easter promotions and reindeer or Santa chocolate for Christmas. These designs are memorable by customers, so you will enjoy a positive impact on your brand. Make sure to use a visible and beautiful logo and a good message to increase the visibility of your business.

Savoury Snacks

Savoury snacks are popular with numerous individuals, and they are unique as confectionary promotional products. Like fruits and nuts, these come in packets of different sizes. You can choose the best sizes, depending on your recipients and preferences. The packages are labelled so ensure you’re your brand logo and colours are beautiful and impactful. There are different kinds of savoury snacks available in the store for your selections. These products include wasabi peas and pretzels which are delicious and impactful.

Choose Personalised Candy

Customised candy will sweeten your marketing campaign and draw in more customers. Whether your client base loves healthy nut snacks, hard lollies or savoury snacks, you will discover something perfect to match the need. With personalised candy, you can brighten your conferences, trading events and holiday campaigns. 


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